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***This was an unintentional shot, but I had to include it because my little photo bomber was so hilarious.

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Weights (15 lbs) || Ball: BCG Fitness Ball 6 lbs (sold out online)


As many of you probably know, I prefer NOT working out at the gym, (unless they have an indoor track & a lap pool).  I hate cardio machines, but I would go to the gym anyway for all of the free weights.  We had a gym I absolutely LOOVED back in Southern Utah (called the Summit if any of you are in that area).  It was the bomb!  It had so, so many weights, punching bags, classes, two pools an indoor track…..awww I miss it soooo bad.  But here we don’t have a gym that even compares 😦 which is fine, because this way I get to work out w/my little baby buddy.   I normally get my exercise fill  by running/biking outside, but if I go too long without lifting weights or a good ab workout my body literally starts craving it.

So I decided to get some weights of my own (I already had some, but only 6 pounders) and a medicine ball.  I’ve been putting it off for so long, but when I saw that Academy Sports is having a sale (specifically on most of their workout gear) my hubby told me to, for my mental health…probably more for his sake than mine, because when I go for so long without working out I seriously start having breakdowns, and guess who is stuck being my therapist??? LOL


  • If you squeeze a medicine ball/workout ball between your knees, it works your inner thighs & targets your lower belly better
  • I squeeze the ball between my knees and do a variety of ab workouts
  • I do a 30 sec plank between crunches
  • I also like to use a barbel to do side planks w/a little rotation
  • I hold a weight in each hand while doing different calf raises.

Thanks for reading y’all!  Hope you try some of these out 🙂


Patience brings experience.  Experience brings hope.  With hope, we’re not ashamed.  And therein lies success!

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