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I’m trying to take advantage of this weather before it gets unbearably hot.  So Kylie and I have been taking evening walks.  Our new place has SOOOO many trees and squirrels.  Kylie gets super excited when she sees animals, her little squeals are the cutest thing.  Then Daniel gets home and we go on another short walk, eat dinner, play guitar and sing with Kylie, put her to bed, and then Daniel and I watch shows and just unwind together.  We actually just started watching “Nashville” and we both really like it, which is highly unusual, because neither one of us really like country music (I mean I like a few artists or songs), but we’ve been enjoying it.  I like any show that makes me feel good after 🙂  We’re still in the beginning season, so no spoilers please 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!  And especially all you mothers of all ages out there!



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