So the other day I turned to Daniel and said, “I’m really craving Oyster Chicken”

“What’s that?”

“You’ve never had oyster chicken?  Well now I know what I’m doing today”

I’ve always lOOOVED Oyster Chicken.  When I worked in Ojai, California, I had a co-worker from the Philippines who would make it, and bring me some 🙂  (LOVED that girl ha ha)  But honestly, I’ve never actually made it.  But being me, once that craving hit, there was no getting rid of it until I had that chicken in my mouth-no I’m not pregnant-thank goodness for Google.  I looked up the recipe, and holy cow!  I had no idea how simple it is to make 🙂  We’ve had it literally EVERY day this last week.  And by now, I’ve tweaked the recipe to how we like it best.

I’ve really enjoyed cooking again (now that the move is over).  Kylie is so funny.  I’ll be chopping or washing something and then I’ll feel these teeny tiny hands grab onto my leg, and she won’t let go until I have to walk to a different area of the kitchen, and then she follows me again.  And it’s not just the kitchen.  She will come find me ANYWHERE I go.  Daniel thinks it’s the funniest thing, and it just melts my heart, I wouldn’t mind if she did this the rest of her life.


***This is for 6-8 thighs, you can always adjust measurements to your liking

Glass or metal pan (adjust size to however many pieces of chicken you’re making)

-Chicken (can be thighs, breasts, boneless, bone in….whatever you want)

-Oyster sauce approx 1/4 cup

-Minced garlic 1 Tbls

-Soy sauce 1/4 cup

-Garlic chili sauce 1 Tbl

-Water 1/2 cup

Sugar 1/8 to 1/4 cup

:::HOW TO:::

Cook chicken for 20 min at 400 degrees.

While that’s cooking, mix everything else in a bowl.

Take chicken out of the oven, pour the sauce over top.  Cook for 20 more min or until done.  Depending on how many pieces, how big etc you’ll need to adjust the time.

Serve over rice or quinoa with steamed veggies.  And DON’T forget the juices, they’re the best part.  Daniel will eat just rice and the juice when the chicken is gone.




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