So the other day I turned to Daniel and said, “I’m really craving Oyster Chicken”

“What’s that?”

“You’ve never had oyster chicken? Β Well now I know what I’m doing today”

I’ve always lOOOVED Oyster Chicken. Β When I worked in Ojai, California, I had a co-worker from the Philippines who would make it, and bring me some πŸ™‚ Β (LOVED that girl ha ha) Β But honestly, I’ve never actually made it. Β But being me, once that craving hit, there was no getting rid of it until I had that chicken in my mouth-no I’m not pregnant-thank goodness for Google. Β I looked up the recipe, and holy cow! Β I had no idea how simple it is to make πŸ™‚ Β We’ve had it literally EVERY day this last week. Β And by now, I’ve tweaked the recipe to how we like it best.

I’ve really enjoyed cooking again (now that the move is over). Β Kylie is so funny. Β I’ll be chopping or washing something and then I’ll feel these teeny tiny hands grab onto my leg, and she won’t let go until I have to walk to a different area of the kitchen, and then she follows me again. Β And it’s not just the kitchen. Β She will come find me ANYWHERE I go. Β Daniel thinks it’s the funniest thing, and it just melts my heart, I wouldn’t mind if she did this the rest of her life.


***This is for 6-8 thighs, you can always adjust measurements to your liking

Glass or metal pan (adjust size to however many pieces of chicken you’re making)

-Chicken (can be thighs, breasts, boneless, bone in….whatever you want)

-Oyster sauce approx 1/4 cup

-Minced garlic 1 Tbls

-Soy sauce 1/4 cup

-Garlic chili sauce 1 Tbl

-Water 1/2 cup

Sugar 1/8 to 1/4 cup

:::HOW TO:::

Cook chicken for 20 min at 400 degrees.

While that’s cooking, mix everything else in a bowl.

Take chicken out of the oven, pour the sauce over top. Β Cook for 20 more min or until done. Β Depending on how many pieces, how big etc you’ll need to adjust the time.

Serve over rice or quinoa with steamed veggies. Β And DON’T forget the juices, they’re the best part. Β Daniel will eat just rice and the juice when the chicken is gone.




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