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No makeup Monday!  Haha, my life is more like no makeup EVERYDAY!  This is me w/no makeup, these photos weren’t edited, and had no filters (other than the black and white)

Last week I was invited to talk to a group of young teenage girls from my Church about hair and makeup.  It was an inner beauty/outer beauty activity for them (and they asked me to talk about the outer part).  I was so excited.  I could never pass up an opportunity to talk about hair and makeup 🙂  I just love sharing my little tips and tricks I’ve learned or researched over time.  I’ll be honest though, I felt kinda awkward and unsure what to say.  Because these girls all looked so beautiful, they didn’t need ANY makeup.  And I’m a firm believer that makeup is meant to ENHANCE your natural features NOT to create new ones (that aren’t there normally).  So I focused on that main point.  I went around the room and pointed out a beautiful feature on each of the girls.  Because they ALL had them.  One had incredibly LOOOONG lashes, another flawless skin, another had high cheekbones, another, sparkling eyes etc.  And then they asked me questions about different products I like to use and other random questions.  It was a blast and they seemed to enjoy it 🙂 More than anything I wanted to BEEEEG them NOT to overdue it on the makeup the way 9 out of 10 teenage girls normally do.

Honestly the BIGGEST mistake that young girls (and many women) make, is to wear too much.  And when I say “too much” I’m not just referring to a set number.  My definition is wearing makeup just to wear it.  For example, to wear foundation when you have zero blemishes is too much.  To contour with lots of bronzer when your cheekbones are already naturally defined, is too much.  You get the point.  And besides, giving your skin a break, and having a No Makeup Day will make it healthier, and clearer, in other words, you won’t need as much makeup 🙂 🙂 🙂 yay!

Hope y’all have a great Monday.


Confidence never goes out of style.  A woman’s confidence is her greatest weapon.


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