MOVE along


 > > > Baby girl watching mom clean—yes I’m using a vacuum to clean the oven ha ha

BIG sigh!  Talk about a crazy, busy weekend/week.  BUT on the up side, we finished everything a day earlier than planned.  If you’re reading my blog for the first time, we just moved. And moving (not the change, but the physical move itself) is my absolute least favorite thing.   And it’s even more stressful with a 10 month old (stating the obvious I know).  But I couldn’t have asked for better friends (who helped baby sit) or a better husband. I just have to share this one thing.

So it’s been 3 days and there are still little knick-knacks and lots of cleaning to do at the old apartment.  I was stressing my mind out thinking about it, because I seriously cannot relax once I’m in the middle of a project until it is finished.  But Daniel, doing what he does best, helped calm me down, pointed out that there was no rush, we had time, I didn’t have to do it alone……meanwhile I’m still thinking “I DON’T CARE! I just want it off my mind” haha.  So he comes home on this one night that I’m feeling overwhelmed as previously mentioned, we go to bed, and he starts playing with my hair.  (Seriously, I’m like a puppy when it comes to him playing w/my hair, all my tension melts away).

The next morning, I wake up at like 6 AM (not my choice) to get Kylie.  Feed her.  Put her back to bed.  Then walking back to our room I see some things that I could have sworn were still at the other house……:/

Daniel had apparently gone over to the house after I’d fallen asleep and finished everything!  I wanted to start crying, I couldn’t believe he did that.  Because as wonderful as my husband is, he hates cleaning, and he hates not getting his sleep.  He said his biggest fear was for me to get stuck doing everything by myself, so he went and did it.  I didn’t have words to describe how touched I was that he did that ^_^ All I can say is, make sure you’re with someone who does things they don’t enjoy just to make you happy.  That’s what true love is


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