2015-04-13 15.50.17

2015-04-13 15.49.50


***Had to take one of my new color 🙂

2015-04-12 17.48.34

Someone graduated to the front facing stroller ^_^

2015-04-13 15.50.31

2015-04-13 15.51.02

So today’s post is not glamorous at all, but realistically, who is glamorous 24/7??? I honestly can’t see how that’s possible (coodos to you if you are, well done), and honestly I enjoy occasionally not being super done up.  Such was the case today.  Kylie and I just took a short walk, I was still wearing what I woke up in, and it felt liberating in a way 🙂  And I actually kept getting more glances from people…now whether they were because I looked pretty, or freaky, that’s a different story haha (usually when you look scary, people try to avoid looking at you) but I felt good and happy.  “Confidence is the best fashion trend” after all.  And I am one of those that believes women are sooo so so much prettier than they give themselves credit for.  Often times I’ll be watching a Youtube makeup video, and they’ll be only 3 steps into their routine when I think, “hey! That looks really pretty….wait they’re still putting on more!?  And…..more!?”  Keeping it simple is best I feel.

Okay, okay sorry, I get on a soap box at times.  Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!  We got out & just took some random pics. Get out and off the couch, makeup or no makeup, just enjoy the sunshine!


Let the sun uplift you today


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