2015-04-14 12.19.01 2015-04-15 11.55.072015-04-15 12.55.152015-04-16 12.13.45 2015-04-21 09.39.05 2015-04-21 09.38.57 2015-04-21 09.38.492015-04-21 09.36.322015-04-21 09.36.442015-04-21 09.37.102015-04-21 09.37.182015-04-21 09.37.282015-04-21 09.37.372015-04-21 09.38.312015-04-21 09.38.402015-04-21 09.35.28Here’s a little compilation of all my recent HAIR-GRAM posts.  You can follow me on Instagram @joiful_life   🙂

I’ve been addicted to braids lately….if you couldn’t tell.  This week has been busy…not really crazy or hectic fortunately…but definitely busy.  We’re in the middle of moving (not very far this time hallelujah! ) and it’s just been tedious.  But there’s no hurry this time and I couldn’t be happier.  We just take a few loads of stuff over in the mornings…and then we’ll bet getting a uhaul for the big stuff.  Kylie girl has been great through it all, I couldn’t have asked for a better baby, she’s been incredibly easy.

I have a BUNCH of fun projects coming, soon as we’re all settle in.  Lots of DIY home decor, furniture, decoration inspiration…I can’t wait!

Have a beautiful Thursday everyone!  (Seriously where has this week gone ?)



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