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2015-04-13 12.27.55

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2015-04-13 12.35.13

2015-04-13 12.43.22

2015-04-13 12.27.57

2015-04-13 12.24.18

2015-04-13 12.23.49

I’m in LOOOOVE W/this suit.  It takes me back to my days in Southern Cali, when I’d surf almost every day, because it feels almost sporty in a way.  And the fabric is thick and durable, so great for support and holding everything in, so I can eat a burger, then go swimming and not think twice HA! It’s made by some company I’ve never heard of before called Seafolly Australia…I looked them up on Insta, and I gotta say I’m liking most of their stuff.

My husband really likes it, and he said the zipper looks like the Zelda Tri-force, haha, I’m married to a bit of a nerd 🙂 Also, thanks to my friend Jessica  it was fun to finally put Kylie in a swim suit so that she no longer looked like a boy while at the pool.

Happy Monday everybody!  And thanks for reading, I always LOVE reading your comments, getting your emails/questions, it seriously makes my day, so THANK YOU!


Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.

Ancient Indian Proverb


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