Drugstore Products I SWEAR by!




TRESemme Heat Protect-ant|$4.98|   I’ve used quite a few heat protectors, but I just prefer this one by Tresemme.  I like that it’s like a spray bottle rather than a pump.  And it doesn’t leave any funky sticky residue on my hair afterwards (in particular the one by Chi).

Maybelline Concealer|$7.94| I’ve used this concealer for the last 3 years.  I like the ‘neutralizer’ shade.  It gives me just enough coverage, but isn’t super heavy.  And it’s only $6 vs like $20+

Elf Setting Spray|$3.00| I’m sure there are better setting sprays out there…and maybe one day I’ll try one and won’t be able to go back.  But for now, I like this one just fine, so why change it, I mean it’s only $3…I have actually tried the Urban Decay, and I didn’t like the way it left my skin feeling sticky.  So HELLO I’m sticking to this $3 one that I’m enjoying at the moment 🙂

L’oreal Telescopic Carbon Black|$7.78|  I do like many high end mascaras, but quite a few of them are equal to this one by L’oreal.  It’s easy to make my lashes look super long.  And if you like layering coats of mascara on (some poeple don’t like the spider like lashes, but I DO) then this one is great for you!

Real Techniques Sponge |$5.98| Such an awesome alternative to the $20 Beauty Blender.

Milani Baked Blush |$6.97| These blushes are so so similar in texture and shade to the MAC mineralized blushes.  BUT they’re $7 rather than $27.  That’s a huge thumbs up!  Especially for someone like me who goes through blush so slowly.

**All these prices were taken from Walmart

So often I think drug store products get such a bad rep.  When honestly it’s possible to like/have both high quality and drugstore, there’s no one or the other.  Hope this post gave you a little insight 🙂


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