2015-04-15 12.55.15 2015-04-15 12.59.31 2015-04-15 12.58.282015-04-15 13.03.53 2015-04-15 17.43.392015-04-15 13.02.29

2015-04-15 13.07.262015-04-15 13.02.59Dress: Forever 21 || Hat Nordstrom || Sandals (old) similar || Lipstick MAC ‘Honey Love’

Every time I wear this dress and Daniel takes my picture he says (these were taken various occasions, which is why my hair keeps changing haha) “you look like a little Dutch girl or Milkmaid”  Haha…ever since he said that, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I put it on.  I decided to do a milkmaid like hairstyle to go with it, and now I really do feel like I should be in Holland or the Netherlands (ohhhh how I would LOVE that!)

I’ve been trying to be more patient w/other people lately…particularly while out running errands.  And today I gotta say it was pretty rewarding.  I was passing one of those kiosks where these women from Hungary (I learned today) sell these lotions and scrubs etc.  I usually rush by them without making eye contact…and I was doing the same today, then one of the ladies tried to hand me a sample.  I thought how discouraging it must get day after day trying to get people to acknowledge you….So I took her sample, but then she kept talking “uh oh, I’ve been caught!”  I let her talk a bit longer thinking of what I would say next to just leave…then i thought, “I don’t really need to be anywhere, I’m not in a hurry, I can at least let her give her spill and feel like she accomplished something today 🙂 ”  So I just chilled out a bit, and it ended up being an uplifting thing.  I mean the two ladies complimented my hair, told me I was pretty haha, they thought I was from Russia (which I’m cool with, I think Russians are gorgeous).  So anyway, I’m learning to take a minute to think if I really am in a hurry before I start acting like it thus stressing myself out.

Enjoy your day y’all!!!


Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.

-Dalai Lama

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