Okay, so I’ve been watching makeup tutorials on Youtube for….I don’t know how long…and I’ve seen this contour kit various times, but it just never really stuck, in my mind or even occurred to me “Oh! You might really like that one”  Because as many of you may know, I’ve been on the hunt for a contour bronzer for aaaaages, but with no luck…they all turn ORANGE or make it look like I smeared mud on my face.  I did recently try the Benefit Hoola (finally!) and I DO like it, but for $12 more, you get 5 more shades for highlighting and contouring w/a range of medium to darker shades for when your skin changes throughout the year.  Seriously, now that I’m writing this review and that I actually have it, the more I think DUH!!! Why did it take you so long to go with this obvious choice!???  But enough said about why I ignored the obvious.  I LOVE this palette.  It’s reasonably priced (for high end brand) for the amount you get.  I’m so happy I got this…I took back the Hoola 😦 I was sad to part with that brush it came with, but I think this will be a much better investment 🙂


Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

-John Ray


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