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Ever since I was in middle school, I wanted to be blonde!  I have no idea why.  Could be that the trend was blonde hair w/the dark underneath at the time…maybe I just wanted to follow the crowd haha.  Or maybe it was me just being me and wanting to prove everyone wrong.  Everyone (since middle school) told me that my hair was way too dark, and for me to go blonde would take months and months, that even then, my hair probably would be more of an ugly red/orange, or breaking off beyond repair.  There were even some that said it would NEVER EVER go w/my Asian skin tone.  Sad to admit, that for a period of time, I accepted it…that I would never be blonde, or that even if I could, it would completely clash w/my coloring.  So I left that obsession alone…until one day, after finding an old post from one of my fav bloggers Maskcara, I saw that it IS possible to go from super dark dark hair to blonde (I mean I wasn’t asking for platinum or anything) You can find her Blonde Hair post HERE.  So that got the wheels turning again…I now knew that it was possible.  I also came to accept that I would have to brave this venture alone, at my house, with no washing bowl, chair, or salon setup whatsoever. Because every stylist I talked to said it would take awhile to achieve what I wanted (I didn’t want to wait), or they just flat out didn’t feel comfortable doing it (which I honestly don’t blame them, I mean if some girl w/nearly black hair who I’d never worked with before came in wanting me to make her blonde, I’d probably say the exact same thing…and then some!).  And then there was the issue of cost…apparently color corrections can start between $300-$500 YIKES!  But I have this problem of setting my mind on something and then obsessing and not resting until I achieve it.  So I went to work…I did tons and tons of research and watched DOZENS of Youtube videos (what did we do without Youtube for so long, honestly???). Until I came across That Blonde Girl Mandie-And OH MY GOODNESS, she is amazing you guys-I saw her take a brunette to a blonde in ONE sitting!  And I basically repeated everything she did to the last detail (with a few adjustments).  Watch that tutorial HERE

—————->So here goes  THE PROCESS<———–


41NIO7C2KPL._SX300_ Salon_Care_40_Vo_51d7393029a17Shades EQ low-res_orig_large redken-shades-eq-processing-solution-33-oz-liter-232download (3)

***Now PLEASE make a definite note that I did not follow the norm, and everyone’s hair is different.   So don’t take what I say as fact or “what you should do”  I’m simply telling what I did for my hair, and how, then you can take it with a grain of salt.  Be smart, DO your research.  Also, get someone to help you…I’m so glad I didn’t attempt this on my own like I originally planned, it would have been a disaster!  I just called up 2 of my girlfriends 🙂

OLAPLEX: First I need to say that I would NOT have attempted this without Olaplex, I won’t go into super detail, but you can read more about what it is HERE.  In a nutshell, it helps prevent breakage like no other! If you have no access to Olaplex, you may want to think twice about doing this, or follow what Cara did on her blog (from what I understand, they didn’t have Olaplex)

TONERS (Redken Shades Eq):  I used 9v, 9t, 6t, 8n

DEVELOPER: I used 40 because Olaplex dilutes the developer and takes it down to a level 30

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^^^Looking oh so lovely!  We sectioned my hair off into 4 sections.  Two in the front (the left & right) and two back pieces (Left and right) that way i could control the processing time better^^^

  • We saturated the hair on up with the bleach mixture, just exactly like Mandie did.  I literally followed everything she did, down to the weave.  We did a very fine weave, it took FOREVER, but was worth it…DON’T RUSH (but go quickly, because the bleach works fast)
  • We left the bleach on for about 1 hour 15 min (that seems long, and it is, but the Olaplex slows down the process, so it takes longer)  We just kept checking the hair, I wanted it to get to a light yellow stage, and I’d frequently tug and feel the hair to make sure it was still strong and not stretchy or anything.

2015-04-10 19.23.44

  • That then brought us to this lovely neon orange color 🙂  So next was toner.  Toner is the bomb! Let me just say.  But make sure you pick a toner that will achieve what you’re going for.  Here are two charts that I followed, (along w/Mandie & Cara).  Color Wheel  to find what shades cancel out which tones (scroll down on the webpage to get to the wheel) Redken Shades Eq Guide.  Depending on what your hair lightens to, yellow, red, orange tones, whatever it may be, you want to make sure that you get a toner with a base that will cancel out those tones or brassiness that you don’t want.  This part I really relied on what I found on Cara’s blog, because I had similar tones in my hair as she did, I changed it a little, because I had more yellow on top, so I mixed 6t, 8n & 9v (9v instead of 9t because it has violet for the yellow), then for the middle and bottom I did 8n & 9t.

***WATCH the toner closely, it works fast!  I left it in for 10 min on top, rinsed it out, then did the 8n,9t on the rest, left that for about 10 min, and only mushed through the ends for the last 3 minutes or so.  Rinsed & shampooed.

2015-04-12 17.47.51

And that left me with THIS!  I was going for a more ashy/dirty blonde, so I’m very happy w/how it turned out.  I think I do want to lighten it just a tiny bit more in some areas, but I’m giving my hair a break for a few weeks.


2015-04-12 22.18.48

nutoil morrocan oil

DEEP CONDITION!!!  Whether it looks like it or not, your hair has been extremely damaged!  So give it some TLC.  I deep condition twice a week. These are my two all time favorite deep conditioners.  You can find them HERE & HERE


 Maybe Asians shouldn’t be blonde, maybe they should, I don’t know, all I know and care about is I like it and I’m happy with it 🙂  I learned from this that you can’t let ANYONE tell you what your style is, or what color hair you should have.  If you’re daring enough, DO your research, and if it makes you happy, then just GO for it!!! 🙂

Once again to recap, here are the main sources I used for this “Journey”

Youtube Tutorial ‘That Blonde Girl Mandie’—–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7flFBmxJk8s

Cara’s blog post how-to——–http://www.maskcara.com/2013/02/19/a-blonding-experience-part-1-a-giveaway/

Shades EQ Chart———–file:///D:/Downloads/Redken_SEQ_Shade_Chart-1-%20(1).pdf

Color Wheel———–-http://www.pinksofoxy.com/2013/02/how-to-remove-brassy-tones-from-your.html

Hope that this was helpful, please if you have any more questions about what I did, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 (my email is found under ‘contact/collaborations)

Happy coloring!!!


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