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|| Suit || 

First let me say—I realize my little baby looks like a boy 😦 I just haven’t gotten around to getting her a suit yet…ugh I know, slacker mom! 🙂

The other day we had our first bbq of the season ^_^ It was also a date night, sort of haha.  It included a little baby, but it was still good quality time for the hubby and I, which is what’s important.  I love living in the South, the ‘southern hospitality’ is real.  People can be so open and friendly here.  We met some other random people down at the pool who were just super laid back and nice.

THIS SUIT is the BOMB fyi 🙂 The part I like most about it is, it holds up my boobs really well, but also is flattering, and it’s from Target!  I love Target, I always forget just how much I love that store until I walk in. The model in the swim posters at the store was wearing this exact one, and I instantly HAD to have it.  But I could not for the life of me find it anywhere.  I was walking around in circles it forever it felt like.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the workers were suspicious of me haha.  But then after saying a short prayer in my head (I hope that’s not vain…but I honestly believe that God cares about even the simple little things that make you happy 🙂 ) there it was!  My size, my color and everything just hidden behind a bunch of other random suits.  I was soooo happy.  I also love the teal blue shade of it 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone, baby girl is in need of my attention.


Life is better in flip-flops

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