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I randomly whipped this together the other day when I got caught up in the day’s activities and realized 1 hour before Daniel would get home that I had no idea what to make!  So I thought hmmm, veggies is filling, brown rice is filling, and cheese is DELICIOUS!  So I put them all together and we loved it so much, I made it again last night.  You can obviously use less or a different cheese completely if you want to be more healthy.  Also I just used almond milk (that’s all we ever have in our house) and I actually think it added more flavor 🙂 Anyway I hope you enjoy it.  ***If the pictures didn’t make enough sense here are some more “how to’s”

  • Cook rice however you normally do
  • Place on bottom of baking dish (no grease, butter or anything)
  • Layer frozen veggies over top
  • Add milk (you can use more or less if you like it more or less creamy)
  • place random slices of Velveeta & regular cheese throughout the dish along w/whatever meat of your choice.
  • Cover w/foil, bake for 35-40 min on 400 degrees (F) 

(I wait to season until after it’s baked, sometimes the cheese adds enough flavor).

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