DRY SHAMPOO—Hit or Miss???

Tonight I did something pretty comical. While doing  sit-ups I was also eating chocolate kisses.  LOL, I thought of myself in one of those videos you see on AFV w/someone attempting to work out while eating pizza or ice cream.  But any how, I thought I’d share my thoughts on my current obsession 🙂 DRY SHAMPOO.

L’OREALThis was my first ever dry shampoo, and I love it to this day.  It smells great, and doesn’t leave any white residue on your hair the way some other do.  And it’s so much more affordable than salon quality brands.



PUREOLOGYThis one smells amaaaazing as well, and it also doesn’t leave that white film on your hair.  HOWEVER, if you have greasy prone hair, this one might not be the best pick.  It does add a bit of silkiness to your hair-which I like, but it takes daysss before my hair gets really greasy-that it might have the opposite effect.



I wasn’t that impressed with Pureology 😦  I’ll probably go back to the L’oreal.  ^_^ OR I’m hoping that the store I get my wholesale salon products from will get some of Moroccan Oil dry shampoo that they just came out with.  Because I love EVERYTHING Moroccan Oil.

4 thoughts on “DRY SHAMPOO—Hit or Miss???

  1. Do you find that the L’Oreal is good for people with greasy hair? That’s my biggest problem! I hate to wash my hair everyday, but it’s literally greasy the next day! I tried a Tresemme one that didn’t do the trick at all. Batiste works much better, but I’m still trying to find the perfect one!


    • I thought it did a decent job 🙂 I mean I don’t have grease prone hair to begin with, but it did what I needed it to do just fine & made it smell good 🙂
      However, if you’re willing a splurge a bit, Moroccan Oil is promising to be great! I’ve done more research & soon as my supply store gets it in, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my new fav! It also comes in Dark or Light (darker hair/lighter hair).
      Hope that helps xo


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