2015-04-08 14.10.00

Kate Somerville cleanser || Arcona Magic Dry Ice || Arcona Gommage || Estee Lauder eye cream

I figured it was time I readjust my skincare routine. ย For the longest time it’s consisted of sugar, coconut oil, berries and some cleansers I’ve had from working in a spa from a year ago haha :/

The first job I had was at the Ojai Valley resort in Southern Cali (home that I miss ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) where they used Arcona products! ย And I swear the Estheticians there had theee most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen…and it wasn’t just a few of them, ALL of them had gorgeous skin and they all used the Arcona products. ย I don’t know why I never tried them then (I mean I could have gotten them wholesale!), but I try not to beat myself up about the past, and I decided to try some now. ย I was thinking (like most skincare products) it would take a little while to get use to them, or to really know if I liked them or not…but HOLY COW! ย After the first use, I was in love! ย Especially the Magic Dry Ice. ย I have really dry skin, and this immediately made my skin feel amazing ๐Ÿ˜€ ย And you hardly need any at all, literally one pump was plenty. ย *I also have some new products for my morning routine that I’ll post another day.

This Kate Somerville cleanser I heard about from Amber of Barefootblonde (you should check out her blog), and this Estee Lauder cream I got free in a gift set when I bought my foundation.

Enjoy your day y’all. ย We’ve been just spending lots of time at the pool (it tires Kylie out like no other and she loves it haha)


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Cherie Gilderbloom

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