Extensions can be SUPER fun, and provide a nice change, but safer than doing some crazy cut or color w/your hair, or they can even be used to cover up a regretful hair chop that makes you cry at night.

I don’t wear them at the moment, but I have had pretty much EVERY single kind of extension in existence.  And there were definitely those I would never use again, and there are those that I probably WILL use again.  Remember to take into account, that extensions (if you want them to look good) are NOT cheap!  Ranging from around $200+ But if it’s within your budget, they are great!


Clip-in-There are clips throughout the weft (top of the hair extension) and you clip them at the root of your natural hair

Sew-in-Your hair is braided into cornrows, the the extension is sewn/weaved through the hair

Glue-in-A special hair glue is applied to the weft of the extension, then placed as closely to the root/scalp of your natural hair as possible.

Beaded-Starnds of your hair, along with some extension hair are pulled through a bead and then clamped into place.

Tape-in-Similar concept to the glue, but less messy.

***After reading through these, I realize that if you’re not familiar w/extensions, these all sound more like torture procedures than a beauty process haha.  But know that extensions are not painful 🙂


CLIP IN: These are hype right now.  And rightly so.  You can remove them at leisure. they are easier to maintain, don’t need to go to the salon for them, and they will last you as long as you have them in your possession.

                         CONS: If you’re not one who has time, or enjoys taking the time to clip them in the right places, make sure they look good, you’ll prob. get burned out.

SEW IN: You don’t have to spend the extra time every day putting them in.  They are more difficult to pull out (almost impossible).  They were easier to swim/shower with.

                         CONS-They get VERY dirty at the roots over time. For the first couple days they pull on your head, because the cornrow are so tight.

             *Tip-I went to the hair school to get them done.  It was 1/3 the price, and they did a fantastic job!

GLUE IN: Some of the more affordable ones.  You can put them in yourself (not extremely easy, but I always just got together w/a girl friend and we managed it just fine).

                          CONS: The glue melts w/any heat (sometimes just the heat from your body).  I honestly would NEVER get these again

TAPE IN: These are SUPER easy to do yourself, and aren’t messy

                            CONS: They don’t last very long.  Must be very careful when brushing

BEADED: Light weight.  If you have thin hair, these can look really good.  I wouldn’t suggest them for thick hair, it would require A LOT of beads, in order to look natural, and gets reeeally expensive!

                            CONS: Easily snag on any brush. Fall out easily unless very well maintained. You will have to go to a salon…it’s pretty difficult to manage on your own, I’ve tried.

2014-11-21 18.42.11



Sassy-These are the ones you will most likely find at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  And although they are the more affordable ones, unless you have hair on the thin or fine side, you’ll have to buy 3+ packts in order to get them to look good.  But you have the right hair, you’re in LUCK!

lACEDIf you live in the Northern Utah area, you’re in luck.  These are pretty good quality, but I swear they are ALWAYS sold out online of everything.  They are based out of Utah, so you can go pick some up if you’re in the area 🙂 But the quality is FANTASTIC so I’m told, AND they have different varieties like, ombre, highlighted and lowlighted etc. They offer clip in & tape in.

BELLAMI:  For those looking for thickness, THESE are your best friend!  They are the only ones I’ve found that best maintain thickness all the way to the root.  If you don’t know what I mean…often times extensions (since the longer part doesn’t contain any of your hair) thins out at the bottom, sometimes so much that it looks funny.  But with these, you can add a drastic amount of extra length before they start to look like….well, extensions haha. Offers 24″ length!!!

LUXY HAIRVery thick, good quality hair.  Second next to Bellami, 🙂  Offers 24″ length as well.

It’s probably not difficult to tell that Bellami are my favortie 🙂  And no, they aren’t cheap, but you have to accept that in order to get good quality, it’s going to cost a little bit 😦  But PLEASE don’t break your purse strings, SAVE UP for them if they’re what you really want 🙂 🙂 🙂  I hope this was helpful, if you have any more questions that I didn’t answer, feel free to ask via comments or email 🙂


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