less iS MORE

2015-04-01 09.34.36


BB Cream: Jane Iredal

Blush: MAC ‘Gingerly’

Brow pencil: Anastasia in ‘Ebony’

Mascara: GrandeLash

Lipstick: Elizabeth Arden

>>>So lately, I’ve been getting more compliments on my makeup when I keep it simple, and wear very little.  I gotta say, I feel better too…almost more free in a way, haha hope that doesn’t sound cheesy.  I was actually one of those “late bloomers” when it came to makeup.  I started by ONLY wearing mascara at 15.  3 years later I wore concealer, 1 year after that eye liner….it just kinda grew like an addiction almost haha, to eye shadows, lipstick, foundation, you name it.  Until now, I’ve really enjoyed going back to basics.  I’ve been living by, what I call The Magic 5.  Where I’ll wear no more than 5 products on my face. Usually it’s just BB cream or powder, mascara, brows and lipstick sporadically throughout the day 🙂    I recently heard something from a fellow blogger…that “Remember, God made you pretty without make-up”  I think that’s a FANTASTIC thing for every girl (and guy) to remember on a daily basis.

PS Have you seen that video by Colbie Caillat of “Try” I LOVE it, and I think it has a great message!  So go watch it 🙂

Remember y’all are beautiful today.  Seriously!



2 thoughts on “less iS MORE

  1. I also use Jane’s BB cream! do you apply a moisturizer or primer before? and do you just put some on your face & use a makeup brush to blend? or use your hand as a palette? thanks xx


    • Typ1calteen
      I sometimes use the primer, sometimes moisturizer. I honestly don’t notice much of a difference between the two. And I applied it w/my hands for the longest time until I got a good brush I like d (the sephora 46). I put a tiny dot on my chin, forehead, and 2 on each cheek, then blend it in. I prefer the brush because i don’t like getting the cream all over my hands haha. But both work fine.


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