*Today is all about shampoo!  Obviously there are a ga-gillian fantastic ones out there, but I’m only one person and I can only try so many haha.  And I don’t want to give my opinion on anything unless I’ve used it personally.  So since this is based on what have used…I have battled with dry hair for as long as I can remember, so naturally that’s what my favorite products are made for…but I figure that most if not all of us are fighting the same battle on one level or another, so this post should (hopefully) be helpful to everyone!  So here we go.

**I like to alternate my shampoo/conditioner.  I never buy the same kind twice in a row, but I always buy these brands 🙂

***This post is NOT sponsored, these are all products I’ve used and love.

DRY *DAMAGED (not color treated)


For AGESSS I’ve been an avid user of Joico (not just because of the name haha).  I especially love their K-pak intense hydtrator treatment.  Their entire K-Pak line is my favorite (the goldish/bronze bottles).  They all smell amazing too, like a creamy coconut smell.  And make your hair feel amazing.



>>>Moroccan Oil

for those w/thin or fine hair.  I love all products Moroccan Oil.  It’s probably the only shampoo I’ve seen that helps give body to fine hair (that actually seems to work according to my friends w/thin hair).  I also especially love their Restorative Hair Mask & Treatment Serum.  I like traveling w/these shampoos. They don’t take up tons of space, but I still have enough product w/out having to worry about running out.  They all smell sooo good, and work wonders.  I’ve probably gone through their Repair Mask more than any other product.  I can’t say enough good about it.


>>>Pureology Hydrate
So first and real quick I’ll say that this in not intended to grow your hair, but with the tingling sensation that it gives to your scalp and roots, it can promote growth for sure!  That is exactly the reason why I love this for summer, the cooling sensation feels sooo good when it’s scortching hot outside.  And it’s great to know that your damaged, colored hair is getting hydrated real well with this stuff!
 I realize I didn’t put any drugstore products, and other than Tresemme, I don’t use them, because I notice a SIGNIFICANT difference in my hair with higher quality.  Not only how it looks and feels, but also how well it manages when styling.  Hair care is one of the things that I splurge on, (it also helps that w/my massage license I get wholesale).  I know that not everyone has the budget for it, and there have been times were I didn’t either.  So in that case, I used Tresemme, I’ve also heard good things about Organix.  There are also ways you can get around paying a ton for salon quality.  Tj-Maxx, Marshall’s & Ross will usually get great brands for half the retail price.  
Sure hope this was helpful!
Thanks for reading y’all

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