2015-03-25 15.06.34

2015-03-25 12.30.16

2015-03-25 15.10.57

2015-03-25 15.07.00

2015-03-25 15.13.22

2015-03-25 15.08.48

>>>This is prob. the most Asian she’s ever looked<<<


2015-03-25 15.14.12

>>>Mischievous, scrunchy nose grin<<<

2015-03-25 15.12.03


Jeans Rag & Bone // T-shirt Fruit of the loom (Men’s Xs)//Flats Born//Lipstick MAC ‘Coral bliss’

The sweetest lady complimented my hair this morning at the store, and it just made my day!  Even more so because I was just in jeans & a plain Fruit Of The Loom Tee.  I love it when people (especially strangers) speak up when they have something positive to say.  I feel we as a society (so myself included) tend to hold back compliments…which I honestly don’t understand why I do it sometimes.  I mean it’s almost like this evil little green man inside me whispers lies that if I compliment others, it means I’m less.  I want to work on that more.  Because imagine what the world would be like if people never held back nice words.  It would be pretty fantastic I think.  So I’m challenging y’all (me too) to make an effort this week to help someone feel good about themselves, if you like their hair, outfit, smile, or whatever, then say so.  I’m pretty sure that you won’t make anyone angry by doing so haha.

Today is gorgeous (as these last few days have been).  So after doing a bit of house hunting, (blah!) we stopped by the Houston LDS Temple (what’s a Temple???  Kylie is getting more fun by the day.  She gets a kick out of sitting up by herself anywhere she is, and then almost INSTANTLY tries to power crawl off the edge.  I’d like for her to learn the concept of heights & falling, but seriously how do you let a baby learn that on purpose?! (scary).  So right now we just get entertained by watching her tease us (because she may not understand that she can get hurt, but she definitely understand that it bothers us lol).

Hope you’re having a beautiful day everyone, thanks for reading!


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