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Lipstick MAC ‘Myth’ || Prada Canvass DIY Here

 >>>This is my FAVORITE lipstick of the week!  I’ve worn it literally every single day!  Since the weather is warming up and Spring is upon us, I’m just feeling the nude lip vibe once again.  It’s been a super fun week…not exactly eventful, but certainly enjoyable!  I’ve pretty much been spending lots of time at home w/my little baby girl.  Taking her on walks (when it’s not raining).  And sometimes we’ll run into other people walking their dogs (she laughs hysterically whenever she sees dogs), and that just makes me so excited for the day we can get a dog again (I’ve always had a pet dog for as long as I can remember, and not once since being married 😦 ), and hopefully it will be a Boxer!

Hope the rest of you are having a glorious Saturday!

lots of love & thanks for reading.


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