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:: OUTFIT ::

Boyfriend Jeans // Tee Shirt // Sneakers // LipstickΒ MAC ‘Pink Pearl Pop’

I couldn’t think of a good title…then I thought the name of my lipstick was pretty fun, so that’s what I made it, haha, so clever I know! (not really)

Today’s been one of those days that is just going right πŸ™‚ Β I think of the Disney Princess singing in the woods, followed by animals, and just so happy go lucky & carefree. Β Lol. Β I’ve glad God gives us those days to remind us “hey, I do LOVE you, and whatever struggles you go through are often teaching you, and making you stronger”

It was also a pretty casual day. Β Mostly Daniel and I chilled and played with Kylie (man that baby girl is getting to be so hilarious and spunky). Β She’s amazing, and definitely better part of my day (other than seeing my husband of course πŸ™‚ )

Since everything was pretty laxed, I kept my outfit as such, I just wanted to be comfortable. Β So I went for my boyfriend jeans. Β Which I am officially on the adventure of finding how exactly I like to wear them. Β I know there are tons of different ways…but not all of them really say “Joi” and then I start feeling out of my skin in a way and uncomfortable. Β So I’ll be playing around with it more in the future, maybe even do a post JUST for Boyfriend Jeans.

Ps.Β SalesΒ of the week that I’ve come across. Β New York & Company has all pants and jeans buy one get one!!! (today is the last day) Β Also Express is having some good deals.

As always, thanks for reading. Β Have an awesome week!



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