A while back (when Kylie was just a few weeks old)  I ate at the Noodle Company for the first time, and LOOOVED it!!! The day after…and the next few weeks for that matter, I kept craving it again ahaha.  But who has the time to drive 45 min (that’s how far it is from us 😦 booo) every time I get a craving.  So Daniel said I should recreate it myself…so I did, and ya know what, it actually turned out great!

You need: Rice noodles, cabbage, red onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli (really any veggies you like) & chicken (optional), soy sauce, tiniest bit of balsamic vinegar.
How to:
Boil noodles until soft.  Set aside.
saute red onion w/chicken & veggies in olive oil
 Toss cabbage in 1 tsp vinegar.
Add noodles to veggies, mix together with soy sauce & salt/pepper to taste.
Place over cabbage.

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