_MG_1137 _MG_1138 _MG_1140 _MG_1147 _MG_1150 _MG_1155 _MG_1156 _MG_1158 _MG_1164 _MG_1178

Top Nordstrom Rack || Shorts Target similar || Tights Commando || Booties Express (sold out) similar || Lipstick MAC ‘Up The Amp’

*Photos by White Shadow Photography

So maybe I’m a little old school/eighties…but I kinda like the tights & shorts look.  And I don’t know what it is about me, but I’ve had an obsession with shirts that have numbers on them since high school.  They make me feel athletic I guess.  Which I did like sports (back in the day).  And I do love to exercise, so I guess it’s not that bad right 🙂

Sorry I can’t write more, but baby girl is being more fussy and clingy today, all the teething I suppose, so obviously she has to come first 🙂

But thanks for stopping by 🙂


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