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It was a pretty eventful/not eventful week….sounds weird, but seriously it was.  We went on lots of walks, visited with friends, we spoke in church…and the rest of the time was spent watching lots of shows & movies…particularly Avatar (the last airbender), I know, we are just that AWESOME!  Also bubble gum is Kylie’s new favorite thing, and I’m not gonna lie, I get a kick out of it too.  We’ll just sit in our hammock on the patio and she’ll giggle and clap her hands while I blow big bubbles, it melts my heart.

I also started using some new make-up products that I think I’m officially hooked on.  I’ve had them in my make-up stash for awhile and am now finally trying them out.  I’ve also included some hair products I’ve loved using for awhile.  (Click picture to find where to buy)


4 thoughts on “OUR WEEK & SOME FAVORITES

  1. This is so sweet, Kylie is precious! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your favourites too! I’ve also been loving the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, been using it for about a year and I can’t let it go! 🙂


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