2015-01-22 19.50.29


My little sister just opened a whole new category of food for us!  She made us calozones, from scratch!  They’re like sandwiches (in the way that you can put such a variety of stuff on them).  So I know that most if not all of you  know what calzones are, I won’t insult your intelligence, but did you have any idea how easy they are to MAKE?  Well they are pretty dang easy, AND it never occurred to me how many yummy things you can put on them.  I plan to try spinach & feta, bbq chicken, chicken bacon alfredo….ok so basically any of your favorite pizzas you can turn into a calzone…maybe it’s a no brainer, but I’m just way too excited.

So here’s how.

1.  Slice Pizza dough (just the Pillsbury dough in the can) into sections (usually 3)

2. Roll dough (make fairly thin)

3. Spread pasta sauce over entire surface

4. Place toppings over one half

5. fold in half-press edges with a fork to seal tighter

6.  Coat a thin layer of egg white over top

7. Sprinkle garlic salt & parmesan cheese over top

Bake on 350 (F) for about 30-40 minutes

2015-01-22 18.21.54

2015-01-22 18.23.572015-01-22 18.24.28

2015-01-22 18.25.092015-01-22 19.11.452015-01-22 19.21.32

buon appetito!



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