2015-01-24 16.31.12 2015-01-24 16.32.05 2015-01-24 16.32.42 2015-01-24 16.35.32 2015-01-24 16.36.14 2015-01-24 16.37.00 2015-01-24 16.38.03 2015-01-24 16.38.45 2015-01-24 16.39.45 2015-01-24 16.41.52 2015-01-24 16.42.59 2015-01-24 16.44.39 2015-01-24 16.46.07

Ya know, it’s just your typical Saturday.  Around here we blow bubbles.  Crazy I know, we’re very easily entertained lol.   But seriously it was a blast watching her reactions, and then whenever I’d try to get a front facing photo, she’d just look at my mouth looking for the bubble gum, when usually she’s mesmerized by phones (it’s usually not hard to get her to look at the camera 🙂 ), she’d even grab my face and try and force my mouth open inbetween bubbles (not a very patient one ha ha).  I know I’m super attractive (NOT) in these photos…but it was worth it just to get the ones of Kylie.

Pretty sure your Saturday night is going to be much more adventurous & eventful.  So go have fun!  Make smart choices though 🙂

And for those moms out there who will be home…ENJOY it!  I seriously can’t think of anyting I’d rather be doing than chilling with my baby girl, watching shows with my hubby when he gets home, and just enjoying watching my little one change and discover new things 🙂  Like BUBBLES!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!!


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