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Juicer Breville Juice Fountain || Orchid Gifted to me (Sprouts) || Glass Bed Bath & Beyond

Our baby girl was being HILARIOUS last night…she was so giggly & played peek-a-boo with us, we just didn’t have the heart to put her to bed.  So this morning I woke up exhausted…even after going to the gym & doing yoga (which usually give me a burst of energy), I still felt tired.  So I thought “Hey! I should make a juice!”

It’s been soooo long since I’ve used my juicer.  I used to be obsessed with juicing.  I’d go on a juice fast once every few months.  Since I’m nursing, I’m not planning on going on any sort of fast, however fresh juices give me so much energy and they help me feel detoxified.  So I’m going to start doing it again, and I’ll be sharing my recipes and other tips & tricks.  Since I grew up with a dad who was/is an avid juicer (seriously he studied and picked apart the brain of the guy who first came up with juicing as a health benefit), I do know a thing or two (I am no EXPERT by any means…just sharing my bits and pieces of knowledge 🙂 )

For today, the featured juice is APPLE GRAPEFRUIT.  

-It’s best to drink juices first thing in the morning (you can drink it anytime of day of course), you get the most benefits in the morning, and your body absorbs the nutrients faster on an empty stomach.

-Apples are the universal juicers.  You can combine them with pretty much ANY fruit or vegetable.  (NOT melons)

-Grapefruit & oranges,  DON’T juice the peel.  I use a knife to peel them, and it’s ok to leave the white stuff/or pericarp (the stuff between the fruit and the peel) on.

RECIPE—This recipe (like pretty much all juice recipes) is pretty self explanatory.  Just peel your grapefruit (I used 2), slice your apples (1) so they fit in whatever juicer you have.  And juice them!  *TIP: I put the grapefruit in first, because it’s softer, and the apples which are firmer are able to push the grapefruit through to yield more juice.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY FRIDAY!


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