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Dress Cynthia Steffe similar herehere  || Boots Ivanka Trump || Lipstick MAC ‘Fanfare’

Sometimes if I pretend REALLY HARD that I’m somewhere, it satisfies my need to go there…today is Italy.  I day dream (I’d say pretty much on a daily basis) that I’m traveling the world.  My top places to visit/revisit are Italy, France, Greece, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, England, Indonesia, Hawaii (every island), and recently Japan…funny but I’ve never had any real desire to go there, which you’d think I would because it’s the land of my heritage…but I never really did, maybe I was ashamed and wanted to prove I was 3rd generation American or something, because seriously, it would (and still actually does…just not as much) annoy the crap out of me when people assumed I was from Japan, thus assuming certain things about me….UGH, I’m like, “how ignorant are you!”  Ok sorry, about the little outburst, but I’m sure EVERY American raised Asian can relate to what I mean, and sometimes it is actually quite funny…but back to my main point ha ha.  I recently started realizing what an AWESOME family history I have on that side of my family…I’m talking some crazy awesome stories, about Samurai, wealthy political leaders, to them losing everything in order to come to the United States.  So now I DO really want to visit Japan, the more rural areas 🙂  

The day we took these pictures, it was sooo busy in this shopping center…but fortunately my sister is great at getting the right angles so no people are in the shots.  But it was seriously packed, it was on a Saturday evening, so no surprise, but there were people constantly walking by and people eating outside of the restaurants….and the one with me by the plants was actually against a gate of a patio restaurant, and there was this man and woman deep in conversation when we stopped to take a few pics, lol.  (It wasn’t like an intimate conversation though…we’re not that rude 🙂 ) I kinda felt like a super model (not saying that I’m super model status by any means) but people would be all curious and interested in what we were doing, trying to figure out what was going on.  Or maybe they were just entertained by two girls acting like crazy people lol.

But I feel that if you’re going to get dressed up, drive to a certain location for pictures, then you should just take your pictures whether you have an audience or not!

Thanks for reading everyone!  And if any of you live in/visited these countries I mentioned on my list, please share what you love about them!




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