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Skirt Nordstrom Rack || Shirt Gap || Pullover DKNY || Lipstick MAC ‘Angel’

*Photos by White Shadow Photography

Train tracks make like the BEST photos EVER!  And we have them all over the place near our place, so my sis and I made a little adventure out of it.  We had to walk through a muddy field and some poison oak…but that’s not the best part……now we did look around for trespassing signs etc, and there weren’t any.  But as we learned today, apparently it’s a federal law (jail time + $2000 fine 😦 eeek) to trespass on “railroad property” Now for those of you who walk on tracks on a daily basis and think “ignorance is bliss” then stop reading lol.

So that apparently all the photos/videos I’ve ever seen on Facebook etc weren’t legal!  But that’s neither here nor there, the question is, how do we know that it’s a federal law?  Well I will tell you.

So we finally get through the poison oak and mud, we’re having the time of our lives, the lighting is great, the weather is perfect and we’re just in the groove.  We didn’t see any NO TRESPASSING signs or anything, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking “hmm, if it were perfectly ok to be here, I think I’d see more people playing around on tracks” (which is good I don’t).  Then at that moment I see a police car in the distance stop where the tracks meet the main road.  OH CRAP! I jinxed it!

But I mean we didn’t see any trespassing signs….maybe there’s a chance that he’s stopping for another reason, and he’ll go away…..so we keep taking pictures ha ha 🙂

Then he gets out of the car and starts walking towards us (he’s about 100 yards away).

“Kristi!  Here he comes, we gotta go”

And then my little psycho of a sister says “NO!  Pretend you don’t see him!  This shot is really good.  Don’t move, let’s keep taking pictures until he gets here”

Click. Click.

I’m like “Kristi!”

Click. Click. Click.

“Don’t move”


“Ok, seriously we gotta go, he’s calling us over now”

Ha ha, so we walk over (which fyi, these last two photos were the last ones we took while the cop was walking up, and I was trying to look away from him lol)

So we walk over, and that’s when we find out that we were trespassing on railroad property, it’s a $2000 fine, it’s a federal offense….ummm yeah, a $2000 fine is the LAST thing in the world I need right now.  Fortunately he was pretty nice and just got my info and let us go.  Pretty sure he was thinking, “these naive girls from Utah just don’t have any clue” (which was honestly the case, we don’t have tracks near my old home in Utah, we don’t know what the railroad laws are…and in California when we played on train tracks it was always in the hills or in the woods—and my dad was with us…he probably didn’t know either ha ha ha)

So everything ended up being ok (still a little scary for a moment)

Lol, I can’t believe my sister sometimes though.  So just be aware now, it’s not legal (it is possible to get permission) to play around on railroad tracks haha.

Hope the rest of you are having a perfectly LEGAL fun week 🙂

Thanks for reading


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