Q&A What My Husband Really Thinks Of My Closet

2015-01-17 15.59.25

Q. What about my fashion could you do without

A. Bright lipstick colors

(Sorry, babe, that’s probably not gonna change 😉 )

Q. What’s your favorite outfit of mine (for fall)

A.  Something cozy, your boots w/a scarf, and jacket

(What I’m wearing in the photos)

Q. Favorite Spring/Summer outfit

A. Your yellow spring dress

Q. What could my closet use more of

A. Lingerie

Q. That I can wear in public


Q. Heels or Sneakers

A. Depends on the occasion, I like both, but overall I like heels

Q. Glam or Grunge

A. Glam

Q. What colors do you like/dislike

A. Like white, yellows & blues.  There’s really no color I don’t like you in (awww he has to say that) but I really don’t like your crazy lipsticks

Lol, well I use lipstick to match my moods  quite often, so I don’t think I can give those up. But it was fun hearing what he had to say 🙂  We really enjoy question/answer games.  We’ll just start asking each other random (what do you prefer or think) questions.  It’s fun, and brings us closer together as a couple I think.  A man once said, even after 50 years, you will still not know every single thing there is to know about your spouse, so always be getting to know each other 🙂


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