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2015-01-07 09.22.33

chocolate oatmeal cookies

chocolate oatmeal cookies

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It’s been a great week.  Filled with watching American Idol, visiting museums on Free Thrusdays.  taking lots of photos with my sister, cookie making, beach days, going to the gym with Daniel and blogging.  One of my favorite things though is “Kylie Time” that’s what we call it when we sing to Kylie, and Daniel plays guitar.  She absolutely loves it, she just lays on her back and stares up at us with the biggest grin, bright eyes and the most angelic laugh.  And even when she goes to bed, I’ll have Daniel play for me, sometimes I’ll sing along, but lately I’ve just enjoyed listening to him, especially since he got over this cold, his voice is even deeper…so his range is crazy (and sexy ha ha).  It’s just been a great week, and weather is already warming up here.  the sunshine honestly makes me happy.


“Joy is not the absence of sadness, but the presence of God”


I recently heard this quote, and I thought it was so neat…and on a Sunday, how appropriate right 😀

Thanks for reading!


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