^^^Aren’t my parents just adorable. Β My dad has always been so healthy, he’s pretty much my inspiration πŸ™‚


^^^All the siblings w/mom and dad


^^All of us!

2014-12-28 18.26.41

2014-12-31 12.12.01

So finally after nearly 10 years, my parents can put a new (updated) family photo in their living room. Β So over Christmas, my WHOLE family was together for the first time in years! Β So we took advantage and got some family photos. Β By the way, don’t be fooled but this lovely, lovely sunshine, it was below 40 degrees! Β Lately I’ve been feeling so much more appreciative of families…and I hope this comes off the right way, but I’ve also realized how your immediate and extended family unit can change for the worst (fortunately mine hasn’t—we’re all good πŸ™‚ ), it’s out of your control. Β But what IS in your control is your own little family unit…your spouse, your children…I’m grateful that even if my family were dysfunctional, I can choose how to raise my little ones. Β And I can raise them with correct principles, and centered around Christ. Β Again, I’m not hinting at anything going wrong in my life, lol, it just came to my attention recently. Β I was thinking how much I love my family, and what would I do without them, or what would I do if suddenly we weren’t close anymore…..then I thought, “you know what, you’d be ok, because you have your husband, you have your relationship with heavenly father, and you have your little girl. Β You’d be ok”

Anyway, sorry about that little rant. Β πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a good week. Β It’s finally warming up here! Β YAAAAY.

Thanks for reading y’all.


“Action is the foundational key to success”

-Pablo Picasso

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