BABY TALK: Being Mama


2015-01-13 11.03.03

^^^I love her blue, blue eyes

2015-01-13 11.04.21 2015-01-13 11.05.16 2015-01-13 11.06.08

This little red headed, blue eyed munchkin is becoming cuter and funnier by the day.  It’s crazy to see how fast babies develop and change and form their own personalities.  Kylie is 6 1/2 months old now, she loves crawling around (when I say crawl it’s more of her own variation…she does this army crawl that makes her look like she’s moon walk/crawling ha ha)

She likes to clap her hands and kick her legs.  She loves her Baby Einstein toy, she even pats your back when you hold her close to your chest, and for some reason she gets a kick out of hitting herself on the top of her head lol.

It’s great being a mom.  It’s certainly NOT something to become because you’re bored, or because everyone else around you is having babies.  It requires a lot of selflessness.  I have a HUGE amount of respect for single moms, because oh my goodness I can’t even imagine doing it alone, I think women are AMAZING

And Kylie has been a huge blessing in our lives.  Thanks for reading everyone.

Also I listed a couple things that have been useful.


1. PACIFIER-These are great for starting out on solid foods, also for teething, one ice cube fits perfect and she loves it on her gums

2. BABY EINSTEIN-The songs don’t get annoying, and she loves how it lights up.  She’ll even sorta dance to the music with her hands 🙂

3. BAG BALM-I got this idea from my sister in law.  Her boys have crazy eczema.  Kylie was getting a little bit of it.  Just put a bit of this on and it clears up SO fast!








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