MONDAY MUNCHIES: Anything (gluten free) Mix

2015-01-12 13.54.33

This mix is amazing! My friend Jennie introduced me to it,  and it seriously makes anything yummy & amazing not just pancakes.  But OH WAIT! It’s gluten free (so a little better for you).  Which by the way, have any of you seen that Jimmy Kimmel clip, where they asked people (who eat gluten free) what gluten is, and why they avoid it.  And NOBODY knew what it was. Lol, so to help you avoid any awkwardness if Jimmy ever approaches you, gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat & barley.  (Apparently, unless you have celiac, it doesn’t really benefit you to eat gluten free…but I guess base stuff off your own research).  Here’s some more info.

But seriously this mix makes so many different treats.  Here are a few 🙂

chocolate oatmeal cookies

chocolate oatmeal cookies



^^^This banana bread is like cake, it’s so amazing!

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