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Dress (old) smilar // Sweater borrowed similar // Bracelet (teal) homemade (tutorial soon to come) // Booties Express similar here & here // Lipstick MAC ‘Up the Amp’

***photos by White Shadow Photography

For the LOOONGEST time I’ve wanted to do a photo shoot in the woods with a white dress.  Don’t know why, but that’s the image I have.  Something about white dress, and urban jewelry just gifts a simple, happy, carefree life vibe to me.   Well Kristi is finally here to take photos (because me+iphone+tripod just don’t make as great of photos lol).  But it was 45 degrees and humid!  So you could imagine just how cold that actually was.  But I was determined to have my dream photos.  So I put on my white (spring aka spaghetti strap) dress, a light cardi, and oh yeah, you have to be bare foot in the woods…so after some quick photos I took off the shoes-SO COLD-but sooo much fun 😀

I got this dress in Portugal when I was on a mission for my church there (like 3 years ago), it was originally a maxi, but I didn’t really like it like that, so being be…I cut it to the length I liked 🙂 And I’ve worn it on countless occasions since.  I’m a believer in that if you have something you love…keep it until you wear it into nothing…it just kinda sucks for blog purposes I guess, because I feel bad when my readers can’t get the exact item if they want it.  But what I am pointing out, is don’t be afraid to alter your clothes if it makes you like them more 😀

Well I gotta go entertain Kylie, she’s getting a little restless sitting on my lap and watching me type.

Thanks for reading!


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein 

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