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^^I recite this quote to myself when I’m “too busy” to exercise

2015-01-07 10.13.29Capris & top Marshall’s // Shoes Tj Maxx // Gloves Marshall’s // White hoodie Costco

I get pretty much ALL of my workout gear from either Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Ross, ha ha, they just have the BEST stuff for way cheap, I also love Target (then again who doesn’t!)  I though I’d share my current workout routine with you guys today.  Sorry about some of these pictures, but seriously, it’s hard to get a good photo at the gym, there aren’t many photographers ready on stand by to take your picture ha ha.  So I just set up a timer and took some myself.

Now I don’t workout EVERY SINGLE day, but I do try to be active in one way or another in whatever way I can.  Whether it’s doing crunches while watching Kylie play around on the floor, or choosing a far away parking spot so I have to walk.  But when I do make it to the gym, this has been what I do, give or take a few alterations depending on the day & my mood.  (I have to make sure I’m having FUN, or I know that I’ll slip into not going at all).

Legs—My gym doesn’t have a good leg press machine, so I make one out of the bench press he he.  Like you see in the 2nd to last pic, just get a mat and lay it under the bar.  And it’s really not as hard as you’d think to keep in control of the bar with your feet.  But still, have a friend spot you if possible. *I also use this to work my calves.

>>>I do 100 lunges with a medicine ball.  100 walking or 50 for each leg standing in one place.

Arms —My triceps are 1st priority for me…so I don’t get flabby arms.  I alternate between free weights & any other machines that work the triceps.  Planks are also good for firming up.  * I also do a variety of different arm workouts.  Free weights are my favorite for deltoids, biceps, chest.  And The I love the lateral pull down machine.

Abs—I do 300 crunches total (25 of a variety of different kinds).  If this is a lot, take you’re time to work up to it.

Cardio—If I run, I run outside.  I hate treadmills, I feel like a mindless hamster stuck in a wheel, or a vegetable minded robot, so props if you can enjoy it.  But if it’s too cold, or too hot outside I’ll do something like Tae Bo or P90x.

Yoga/Stretches—I always do some sort of stretching every day!  Yoga is my favorite, but sometimes I can’t get into the mindset for it (usually when I’m interrupted by a baby I don’t do something as fluid as yoga).

***A good workout mix is vital (in my opinion).  I change up my playlist, but currently this is the one I’m loving.  Don’t laugh or judge at some of these, I LIKE them (only while working out for some reason) 🙂

Dark Horse-Katy Perry

Party In The USA-Miley Cyrus

Wrecking Ball-Miley Cyrus

The Kill-30 Seconds to Mars

Way Away-Yellowcard

Want U Back-Cher Lloyd


This is how we do-Katy Perry

Jealous-Nick Jonas

Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen

Happy exercising!



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