2015-01-08 11.17.442015-01-08 11.34.03
2015-01-08 10.58.482015-01-08 11.01.532015-01-08 11.03.39 2015-01-08 11.18.372015-01-08 11.15.552015-01-08 11.19.56 2015-01-08 11.21.28Jeans True Religion // Sweater Maurices // Scarf American Eagle // Bracelets (brown) Paparatzy (blue) diy, tutorial coming soon // Shoes Just my feet 😉

Another fun filled beach day!  But sooo cold!  Ugh, it makes things so hard sometimes, we shot these photos in like 10 minutes (usually we take at least 30 minutes) because we had to get in and out lol.  I’m so happy to have Kristi here with me to take my photos, she does so great, even in only 10 minutes and like 30 frames, (that is not much at all).  My little sister is the one who wanted this post named “Beachy Keen” I asked her why, and she said, “because it’s beachy happiness”  Ha ha, I love her.  Speaking of ‘happiness’ I’m feeling pretty thankful for things in my life.  My amazing husband who is humble and always wants to better himself, and who’s a great dad to our baby girl.  For my sweet, sweet family, I never realized how awesome my family is, everyone says this I know, but seriously my family ROCKS!

And I’m slowly but surely learning to accept that life is not only made up the pictures I see on social media.  In fact, I’ve kinda half grounded myself from Instagram.  I only get on to post my pics (for the most part).  That way I 1) am able to spend more time with Kylie & my siblings (real life) and 2) it keeps me grounded….I’m not saying that Instagram is bad, I’m just saying for me personally, I need to set those boundaries. I hope you are all remembering to appreciate what’s REAL in your life.  Thanks for reading!  Until next time.


 The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.


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