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Jeans True Religion (old) similar also like these // Top Target here & here// Boots Ivanka Trump // Lipstick MAC ‘Japanese maple’ & Lancome ‘All Done Up’

You can’t go wrong by stocking your closet full of basics.  But “what are basics” is sometimes the confusing sometimes frustrating question.  Here is my opinion.  There are no right or wrong basic items. I think basics vary on who you are & what you like.  Get items that you can wear with just about any outfit.  For me I love boots & simple tees that can be worn by itself or easy to layer with & of course JEANS! I literally wear jeans until they fall apart when I find a pair I love…jeans to me are a MUST be comfy item.  I’ve had these True Religions foreeeever. ALSO these boots are great if you are average height-shorter.  Because they don’t go TOO far over the knee.  I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but some over the knee boots go a little too far up my leg if ya know what I mean lol.

Today we’re going to the beach today, I’m so excited, so follow me on my insta 🙂




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