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Beanie DIY // Sweater Gap (old) similar also love this // Tights Nordstrom // Boots Costco // Lipstick MAC ‘Angel’

Here are some more photos from a shoot I did with White Shadow Photography.  AND I’m wearing my homemade beanie 😀 Which literally took like 20 minutes to make.  You can see that post HERE (and these socks are just the sleeves of that same sweater)

So far this year has been…..eventful, I suppose is the only way to put it…I haven’t decided if it’s good stuff, bad stuff or indifferent. Lol, but on a definite good side, Kylie has started clapping.  No idea where she learned it from, but she claps whenever she gets excited and she’ll kick her legs and her eyes will get all wide, it’s soooo cute.  She’s been sleeping better at nights when she sleeps with us in our bed (it use to be the other way around) and she’ll wake us up with her little baby chatters, it’s the most precious thing 😀

Anyway I’ll stop with the mushy stuff.  However, I suppose Valentine’s Day is coming, so I can be mushy ha ha.

I was telling Daniel before New Years, that I’d bet that January 1st, they’d already have Valentine’s stuff everywhere, and I totally called it!  But I looove Valentine’s candy, especially the candy conversation hearts (Daniel thinks they’re gross, what does he know! Ha)  And the flowers just get better.  This time of year I’m always tempted to just buy flowers for myself like EVERY DAY! lol, is anyone else guilty of that.  But I always manage to exercise self control.  Anyway, have a good day y’all.


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