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Beanie DIY here // Sweater borrowed from sis // Lipstick MAC ‘Angel’

Howdy y’all!  Sorry about the week long hiatus…we went home for Christmas, but were surprising Daniel’s parents, so I refrained from sharing that info on my blog, for fear that word might get back to them an ruin our awesome surprise.

Hope all of you had a good Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, or just spending time with your family.  It was great seeing my family and I was able to get some shoots in with my little sis.  AAAAAND she came back home with us 🙂  So it’ll be really fun to show her all the fun new places we’ve discovered close to our house, and of course get some blog content photos 🙂

Also this beanie I’m wearing is the one I made from my old sweater.  And the boot socks are just the sleeves from that same sweater.  You can check out the tutorial HERE.

Thanks for reading, I’m super stoked to get back into posting on a regular basis.


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