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2014-12-19 15.57.32

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My sweet friend Jessica threw an impromptu birthday tea party for another friend’s birthday, Holly.  She made the ABSOLUTE best pineapple upside down cake I’ve EVER tasted.  And hot chocolate from SCRATCH.  Yeah I know right!

I’ve always been an herbal tea fanatic.  Every since I was little I would pretend I was living in Jane Austin’s time period & throw tea parties for myself & use any little tea appropriate cakes or crackers. Someday I want to buy a cute tea set, tea pot & a bunch of teas from Teavana.

The food & tea (herbal tea) today was delicious, but even without that, it was just so great to get together with a bunch of girl friends and chat about whatever.  Kylie & Jessica’s baby were so funny together.  They are both such chill babies.

Hope the rest of you have a great weekend.


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