Its no secret that girls, women (and even for some men now) are feeling insignificant and ugly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Somehow, somewhere, people got the idea that there is only ONE kind of beautiful. ย 5’10”, LOOONG hair, perfect skin, under 125lbs & flat abs. ย Um yeah….NEWS FLASH there are like 100 different body types, physical features…and I don’t care if this sounds cliche, but PERSONALITY seriously affects beauty. ย No lie, I strongly believe that. ย Haven’t you ever met someone who just lights up when they smile or laugh, or who just has a naturalย glow aboutย them? ย I’m a FIRM believer that people are 10 times more beautiful than they give themselves credit for. ย And every individual has so much more to give, if they take their attention and obsessions away from trying to look like someone else. ย Think about it, do you feel uplifted, encouraged, good about yourself by simply looking (and doing nothing else) at someone who is pretty? ย Typically no, it’s when they open their mouth and say something nice, or DO something kind.

Especially after being a massage therapist for so many years, I saw first hand how EVERY single body is so different. ย Yeah maybe people have similarities, but I NEVER EVER saw two people with the same body type, shape whatever. ย Celebrities obviously aren’t the only people in the world, but they are the ones that most everyone knows, so I’ll use a couple of them as examples.

BEYONCE– No she’s not rail thin, but would you ever think she was UN-attractive. ย The thing I notice first about her, are her beautiful eyes.


MARILYN MONROE-She was a size 9. ย But one of most popular & timeless beauty icons ever.


BROOKE ELLIOTT-(Drop Dead Diva) She always has healthy shiny hair. And beautiful skin


I remember meeting a girl named Chelsea, way back in Jr. High just for one day. She was in a wheel chair, a little heavier, with underdeveloped legs. ย But she left an impression on me. ย Because she was kind, so happy and positive about everything. ย She had gorgeous long hair, and a smile that literally made her eyes sparkle. ย It’s just crazy to me that out of all the people I’ve met, acquaintances & even some friends I’ve had who were cheerleaders, or dancers, or just real pretty (by magazine standards), I can only remember half their names, and can barely remember anything about most of them at all. ย Because that’s all they were for the most part….just a pretty face & a little self centered. ย Now I’m NOT by any means saying that being attractive is unhealthy or wrong, because I’ve met some great people that are beautiful inside and out. ย I’m just pointing out that you don’t have to look like the (photoshopped) photos in magazines to be beautiful, there are so many individual features (physical & not-physical) and when it comes down to it, the beautiful personality is what makes the biggest impact and most lasting impression on others. Which was the case with Chelsea. ย Her beautiful smile and warm personality are why I remember her after 10 plus years.

How do you want to be remembered?

Have a beautiful day everyone, and please stop being so hard on yourselves.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


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