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Sweater Pink (old) similar // Jeans Rag & Bone (old) similar // Boots Forever Young Shoes // Lipstick MAC ‘Fan Fare’

I love chill, laid back looks.  The dorm/college line from Pink, I love.  They carry them every year. This one is pretty old, but I haven’t worn it in forever.  I’d forgotten how much I love it, and it helps that burgundy is so IN right now 😀

Can you believe how close Christmas is???  I feel like I haven’t had any time to do all the things on my holiday to-do list.  I still need to make a TON of treats that I just love making during the Christmas, I still haven’t put one decoration up!  I haven’t done any service projects!  UGHH these are the days I need to remind myself that…despite what I may think, or what ANYONE may think for that matter….NO ONE is perfect…even those who think they are…just get out of denial and accept that you’re not, it’s ok…if you were perfect then you wouldn’t be on this earth, that’s one the whole reason we’re here, hello!  So yeah, I remind myself that i’m NOT perfect, then just continue trying to do my best, and know that if I fall short, it’s ok 😀

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and have a FANTABULOUS weekend!


You expect me to be flawless as if I can make it happen…believe me if I had that kind of power we wouldn’t be having this conversation



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