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Sweater Nordstrom (on sale!) // Jacket Free People  (on sale) // Skirt (sold out) Similar // Leggings Forever21 // Booties Express (similar)  // Beanie Similar // Lipstick Maybelline ‘Fuchsia Flash’

Lately our life has been so full of goodness that today I knew I just had to document it…so that on the bad days when it seems your whole world is crashing down on you, you can go back and re-read all the reasons WHY your life is in fact A WONDERFUL LIFE.

First off, we have some friends visiting us…who just after some ups, downs, merry-go rounds they ended up in Texas (their story is another one of divine intervention and a web of blessings).  They think we’re blessing them…but THEY are blessing US!  They are those sort of people that just bring positive energy and make you feel good about yourself.  So anyway…they took us out to lunch today, at one of our FAVORITE places.  And without giving too many specifics (that would take pages upon pages) things are just working out for us in ways that we never expected.  We are seeing blessings left and right, and realizing that having friends & loved ones is sooo much better then having millions of $$$

Some other friends came and brought us some Christmas treats.  And we’ve been being taken care of in so many ways. I can’t even describe all the great things happening…because feelings are so much harder to put into writing.  So a lot of the great things in our life right now are probably felt rather than being tangible…but those alone are tender little mercies in my mind.  Anyway, I took these pictures awhile ago and was waiting for the right time to post them, I though today was very appropriate with the text on the sweater and all 😀 😀 😀

Thanks for reading every one.  Merry (early) CHRISTMAS!  Can you believe how fast it’s sneaking up??? I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet! Oops!


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