HYPEREMESIS GRAVIDARUM—What the heck is that???  That happens to be what my life was for month & months.  Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a condition that pregnant women can suffer from.  Here is what it is in detail.  But in a nutshell, for me it meant a hyper active thyroid, throwing up 10+ times a day (which I didn’t even think was possible), not being able to keep food or water down.  So I had hunger pains from not eating, dehydrated from not drinking, which caused more sickness & headaches.   It got so bad to the point that the ONLY thing that could make me stop throwing up (for a few days anyway) was getting an IV every 3 days 😦

I don’t say this to get pity or to brag…..But my friend Jennie, gave me the idea to do a post in order to give hope & encouragement to any other women out there going through the same thing, or anything similar.

There were times during my pregnancy amid all the frustrations of not being able to eat, drink, sleep or function when I can honestly say “I didn’t want to be pregnant” and “There is no way it’s true when people say ‘It’s all worth it’ It is NOT worth it!!!”  But now I’m eating my words & yes it was all worth it.

But let’s be honest, when you’re going through it, you don’t want to hear those things, you just want some direction, some advice on what to do to make this misery GO AWAY!

Here are some things that helped me.

1. Crying helps!  Just let it out.  Crying would get rid of my headaches.  It also helps if your husband/boyfriend or anyone close to you can be there to let you cry, and just listen to you spiral down…but they need to be the type that can gently bring you back up (with out trying to “fix” you—ladies you probably know what I’m talking about).  Let them know you just need them to listen then comfort you.

2. If you can get IVs, they help.

3.  For some reason saltine crackers tasted metallic & awful.  I ate pretzels.  The big giant tub from Costco is awesome (the sourdough pretzels I think they’re called)  I would slowly eat them.

4. If you can get fresh air it will help you mentally.

5.  It was difficult for me to feel connected to a little person I’d never met, and it’s hard to be excited for something that is making you so sick & miserable.  So I kept a little journal of my feelings, fears, hopes & excitement I felt to meet her.  This really helped me to stay happy…because being sad can make you feel more sick.

6.  Brush your teeth frequently.  That metallic taste that comes can actually make you throw up more, so brush your teeth as often as you can.

7.  ACCEPT that you can’t fix this sickness with a couple pills.  I’m a one that can’t sit still and do nothing…I push through things when I’m sick.  But I had to learn that by trying to do more, I made it worse.

***I hope some of these things helped.  Please if you’re going through this feel free to email me or ask any questions.  I wish you all the best.  And know that it’s OK if you don’t feel any connection with your baby before she’s born.  That will come if it’s not there already.

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