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Daniel’s Ralph Lauren

Mine Ralph Lauren Outlet (sold out) also availabel HERE // Slippers Target

Kylie Offspring (on sale!) also so cute// other Offspring pjs

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting new pajamas.  My family did this growing up, we’d open them up Christmas Eve.  We’re not with our families this year 😦  so we’re doing our own little family traditions now (that comes with growing up I guess).  We’re continuing some that we grew up with, and coming up with new ones.  For instance, we decided to get our pajamas earlier than Christmas Eve.  We’re going to do this thing where on December 1st we open our jammies & have a special breakfast.  This way we get to wear them all through December.

To be honest I’ve never owned a pair of pajama pajamas….usually I just wear sweats, or pj pants & a plain t-shirt…which I love, that’s why I’ve only ever worn those.  But I decided to try some like these, not sure what they’re called, but that have the button up top & matching pants.  And I loooove them.  They make me feel more ‘Christmasy’ for some reason.

This Christmas has seriously been so fun so far.  I feel like sometimes the older you get, the harder it is to get that same EXCITING feeling you had as a child.  But this year we’ve been trying REALLY hard to not get caught up in the commercial aspect of the holiday.  It seems to be working.  And my husband has been so great about finding (and watching WITH me) tons of Christmas movies.  Especially the ooooold ones.  Like those claymation ones of ‘Rudolph’ & ‘Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.’  Ha ha, I don’t know if you remember those, but we watched them and it was a fantastic trip down memory lane.    Also!  If you any of you have google play, and google chrome-cast (it lets you stream movies/shows/music from your phone or tablet to your tv), you can play Christmas music, cast it to your tv and if you use google play music it will show that live fireplace video on your tv screen.  It’s our favorite thing to do in the evenings together once Kylie is in bed.  Who says you NEED a real fireplace.

Never let your memories be greater than your dreams

-Doug Ivester

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