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just one section of the Buc-ee’s wall of candy

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Sweater Nordstrom (sold out) // Denim Short Diesel (DIY from old outlet jeans <3) Lipstick MAC ‘Angel‘ & MAC ‘Up The Amp

Happy December.  I can’t believe this year is already coming to close.  Today was just one of those perfect days that I just had to share.

My husband has been working like crazy this whole month, and with us saving up (for a bunch of different things…details soon to come) we’ve been limiting ourselves to going out as much as we use to.  Needless to say, I was aching for some quality time with my little family, that didn’t only involve watching movies 🙂

So today my hubby had off, so we went to Galveston to where the beach was.  (We both lived by the ocean at some point in our life & we miss it so much.  Especially since we use to go to California twice a year, and now it’s just too far 😦 )  So we decided last minute to go check it out…I love those sort of spontaneous trips.  And oh my goodness I am so in love!!! It was just the most quaint little town, with so many things to do, so many charming homes and a boat ferry.  We rode the ferry, and Kylie was going nuts and cracking the biggest smiles & giggling.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather…well I should say someone upstairs was kind to us, because we got to Galveston & it was POURING rain.  But soon as the ferry left the dock, it stopped.  So we were able to get out of our car and look out at the water.  The wind wasn’t too cold…and as you can see I had some fun with it 😉 but c’mon, I’m a woman, so I love the wind in my hair 🙂 We even saw some dolphins I was able to catch on film (after different tries)

Then on the way home we stopped at this awesome gas station…I know, how can a gas station be cool?  But trust me is!  With everything & anything you could possibly think of & it was classy & clean. It was like the Nordstrom of gas stations lol.  So we grabbed some chili cheese fries & banana bread pudding (which was amaaaazing!)

It was just an all around perfect day.  A perfect start to a brand new month.

Hope you all had a good Monday.

Sorry I wrote like a novel here 🙂


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