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What girl doesn’t want to have looong luscious locks???  But it can take what sometimes feels like an eternity to get to that point.  However in my case, it DID practically take an eternity, a good 10 years….I’m not exaggerating, that’s literally how long it has taken me to get my hair to this point.  Simply because I was making very minor (but crucial) mistakes-that EVERYONE was telling me I needed to do in order to help my hair grow.  Not only that, but I even started taking hair growth vitamins, using special shampoos, getting the high frequency (hair shock) treatments at the salon, you name it!  Some of them DID work (I think…) but my hair still just wouldn’t get long!  It would grow quickly to the same point (a couple inches below my shoulders) and then stop…just refuse to grow anymore.  Well I finally cracked the code (after many years, lots of research & a tiny bit of patience & diligence).  So here ya go!

*Also maybe some of these things have actually payed off for you, and that’s great.  This is just stuff that I found to be the case for me, and based on a bunch a research & picking apart the brains of those smarter than myself)>




1. Protein—Be sure you are getting plenty of protein in your diet.  Protein promotes hair growth & also keeps it looking healthy

2. ‘Cut’ That Out—First off I don’t know who started the rumor that trimming your hair regularly helps it grow.  Growth has NOTHING to do with the ends of your hair (which are already dead) but EVERYTHING to do with the roots.  That being said, how do you expect it to get longer if you keep cutting it off.  (Trimming is great if you want it looking healthy—but honestly a few split ends really doesn’t look that bad & I find it helps your hair style better)

3. Massage—Since we now know that the roots are key to growth, take care of them.  A good scalp massage in the shower (or I like them anytime) stimulates the nerves and will amp the growth process.  Also brushing, yes brushing your scalp gives a very similar effect.

4. Be nice—My hair seemed to stop growing once it got to a certain point (so I thought).  Well that’s just silly, your hair doesn’t just STOP growing, but if you have a lot of damaged brittle ends they can break off just by brushing through your hair too much or too rough.  So be gentle with your hair & avoid brushing while it’s wet (If you have to though, use a wide tooth comb)

5. Avoid Heat—Heat can be damaging, causing brittle ends, causing breakage, causing us to think that our hair stopped growing.  However when you do use heat, it’s better to have your styling tool hotter rather than cooler.  Because the heat will straighten/curl faster, and that way you’re not running over your hair over & over again with a warm tool.  Hot is better than warm.

6. Vitamins—Some people swear by biotin, I personally never noticed a difference  (it did make me grow chin hairs though lol) but I did notice a change by taking Vitamin E.

7. Recycle—Washing your hair EVERY day strips your hair & roots of their natural oils (which are intended to help healthy hair growth among other things).  So try to ‘recycle’ your hair aka go as many days as you can w/out washing (shower! Just not your hair lol)  You may have to build up to it (this is because your body will have to learn to slow down it’s natural oil production).  Wash every other day, then every couple days.  I can go to about 4 days before my hair gets greasy…but I did have to gradually get there.

8. Deep Condition—Deep conditioner is amaaazing.  This is the one thing I would say if you’re not going to splurge on anything else, splurge on this and get a GOOD one.  Because there is definitely a difference.  Use this at LEAST once a week.  This will help prevent split ends/brittle hair & rejuvenate damaged hair.  Which will keep it from breaking off & you can enjoy your hair staying after it grows 🙂

9. Go Natural—Coconut , lavender & castor oils help with have proved to promote hair growth.  (Be sure with the lavender oil that it is 100% because many of them out there are diluted to the point of being mostly other stuff-I use Do-Terra).  I massage lavender oil into my scalp after showering when my hair is still wet (water enhances oils).  And I’ll use a self made mixture of coconut & castor oil (before showering) as a hair mask.

Hope that helps.  ALSO drink WATER (I figure that kinda goes without saying).

Here are some products below that I enjoy including a good brush for your scalp, wide tooth comb & deep conditioner.



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3 thoughts on “GROW THAT HAIR!

  1. Beautiful dark hair. I am always saddened when women turn their dark hair lighter 🙂 Because…I don’t think there is a colour that can compete with beautiful dark hair…


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