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Yes it’s Friday, but in some ways it means the start of MORE work…why?  Oh yeah! Because it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and you can pretty much count on it, that every time you leave the house, there will be crowds, there will be traffic & what use to take 5 minutes now take 30.  😀  But honestly, this time of year can be fun.. I strongly believe it’s how you look at it.  Because there have been some years where people are just in a hurry and rude, and everyone is pushing & shoving, and there are cars backed up far as the eye can see, and let’s not forget, your bank account suddenly seems to diminish.  But then I’ve had years where everything around me seemed so beautiful, everyone had twinkly in their eye and a smile on their face, people were so happy, yes there were crowds but in a way it was energizing….but now I”m realizing something….Things haven’t changed, only I do…you find what you’re looking for.  There are happy people, there are rude people, all the decorations & lights can be an annoyance, or lift your spirits.  It’s all really up to you.

^^^This year (warning I know this is about to be sooo cliche, but it’s true) I’m going to work to focus on the not so materialistic things, and focus more on my Savior and what it means to me that he came to this earth.  And how because of him I can live with my family for eternity.  As well as all the blessings in my life, my wonderful family, my many opportunities available to me.  And I want to serve more.  My husband and I were talking about volunteering at a food bank, or homeless shelter.  I’m pretty sure there is one close by that we can go to.  It may sound cheesy, but I’m so excited for the part of Christmas that don’t involve presents & food (junk food that it he he).

What are you guys going to focus on this year.  And are you going to be looking for the annoying/frustrating things about the season, or the happy ones?

Lots of love! Thanks for reading!


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